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Gunite Pool Renovations & Resurfacing:
Pool Tile, Pool Coping & Plaster Alternatives

" . . . function precedes form. . ."

At Power Pool Care, we renovate pools with contemporary materials and techniques.  Traditional, geometric or free form designs can be renovated with current technology to provide our clients with a unique and overwhelmingly satisfying backyard experience.  Well-trained employees and a continuous quest of knowledge allow us to excel in three areas: proper facts presented to our clients, superior workmanship in construction, unsurpassed instruction and follow up upon completion.

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After 10 - 12 years, you need to consider if major maintenance is required.  The marble dust starts to break down or wear away, and your tiles may loose their luster.  Your pool equipment such as your filtration setup also has a similar life span and should also be overhauled or replaced.

Our interior finishes include marble dust, exposed aggregate finishes such as Hydrazzo, SunStone Pearl, Sunstone Select, Pebble Tec, Durazzo and Mosaic Tile, Glass Tile.

Exposed Aggregate Pool Finishes

  • Stronger and lasts longer

  • Reflects more light

  • More colors to choose from

  • More uniform color throughout pool

  • Uses latest concrete technology

  • Have a truly unique pool
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Brighten up your pool, add color or increased durability - these are all reasons that you should consider an exposed aggregate finish.  Across the country, the majority of pools use an exposed aggregate finish instead of marble dust.  Your gunite pool is the jewel of your backyard, let us help you polish it up.
Aquavations  - view colors in pools

Pool Coping

There many material options to choose from:
Bluestone, Travatene, Crab Orchard, Granite, Brick, Pavers & Precast Concrete.

Pool Tile

Tile does not not crack or fall off for no reason.  It is important to have your pool inspected by a professional.  In many cases, the underlying wall of the pool is damaged or the coping may be separating from the top of the wall, allowing water to creep in and cause damage.  If you simply replace the tile and do not repair these problems, the new tile will simply fall off or crack.

Traditional Pool Tile

Mosaic Pool Tile

Glass Mosaic Pool Tile

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Does your pool surface feel rough or pitted?  Is your tile fading, dull or cracked?

Did you know that a pool has an approximate life cycle of 10 to 12 years before major maintenance is required?

Are you bored with the plain, white marble dust that you loved five years ago?

Not happy with your current tile?

Is your tile cracking or falling off?

Is your pool coping breaking apart or pushing into the pool?

Spa Before          Spa After





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Case Study

  • 25 year old pool

  • Tile flaking - sharp glass edges in pool

  • Tile cracking - allowing water behind tile

  • Leaking water

  • Many loose coping pieces

  • Rough pool surface

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