Gunite & Vinyl Swimming Pool Renovations


Tile / Coping / Marble Dust

After 10 - 12 years, you need to consider if it is time to resurface your pool.  Marble dust tends to gets rough as it ages and slowly this out.  At 15-20 years, your tile and coping may start to break down, chip or pop, which can lead to to more costly structural repairs.  Your pool equipment such as your filtration setup also has a similar life span.

Our interior finishes include marble dust and exposed aggregate finishes.


Exposed Aggregate Finishes

Exposed aggregate swimming pool finishes combine stones, pebbles, and/or glass beads and cement to provide a high quality, aesthetically superior result..

Aggregate finishes are more resistant to pool chemicals and last longer, having a lifespan of between 15 and 20 years.  They are available in an array of textures and colors, perfect for both traditional and natural poolscapes.


Liner Replacements

Did you know that an average liner has a life span of 8 – 12 years? 

Our pool liner replacement service consists of the following:  

  • Choice of liner pattern from leading manufacturers 
  • Removal of water from old pool 
  • Check for damage to pool structure 
  • Re-smooth pool bottom 
  • Install wall foam if neseccary
  • Faceplates and gaskets for skimmers, returns & main drain replaced
  • Light ring and gaskets replaced
  • Install new liner


Step Replacements

Our top quality steps are composed of an acrylic non-skid surface that is reinforced with hand-laid, 100% pure fiberglass. The 100% non-corrosive, easy-to-clean, acrylic-finished fiberglass steps are extremely strong and are impervious to the elements.  The acrylic-surface fiberglass steps install precisely and the time-tested, proven gasket assures an exact fit and permanent bond   every time.

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