Variable Speed Pumps

PSEG Rebate and the LAW

Variable speed pumps can save you a lot of money!  With the highest electric rates in the country, its a no brainer!  With normal usage, you can save up to $450 per year.  Multiply that by the 10 year product life cycle and the savings are in the thousands!

If you are like me, and want the cleanest pool possible and run the filter almost constantly, the savings are even more dramatic.  If you are in need of replacing a motor or pump, seriously consider the benefits of saving money with the variable speed pump.  The cost of the pump and installation are made back in the first 3 or 4 years and the the rest of the money is in your pocket.  

PSEG is currently providing a $350 REBATE for all installations by an authorized installer.


As published in Pool and Spa News, May 2017:

". . . It looks as if, effective in 2021, variable-speed pumps will become mandatory for powering a pool's or  spa's filtration system and other applications.

After working with manufacturers, utility companies and energy-efficiency advocates, the U.S. Department of Energy has finalized a federal regulation setting forth minimum efficiency standards that a pool pump must meet to enter commerce in the United States.

Called “Energy Conservation Standards for Dedicated-Purpose Pool Pumps,” this is the second such regulation applying to the pool/spa industry – the other being efficiency standards for heaters.

The new federal regulation states that self-priming filtration pumps past a certain horsepower threshold – whether residential or commercial – must meet an established performance standard. Right now, that performance standard is only satisfied by variable-speed pumps. . ."

When this law goes into effect is not yet known if the PSEG Rebate will still be offered.


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